Real Estate

The Spanish real estate lawyers of Proell Attorneys at Law Barcelona deal with a variety of legal issues in connection with real estate, construction and industrial operations on all aspects that concern the environment. We also offer services for general legal compliance, acquisition of property, leasing contracts, construction, building regulations, design & architecture, engineering proceedings, financings and all kind of dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation in connection with real estate.

Moreover, we dispose of experience in various disciplines to develop innovative strategies in leasing transactions, sales and acquisitions, mortgage and loans, condemnation proceedings, commercial landlord-tenant matters, joint ventures and corporate acquisitions. Our practice also includes dispositions, cooperation with banks for real estate financings, equity investments, asset management, construction and development, real estate private equity funds or investment holding vehicles.

Lawyers at Proell Attorneys at Law perceive real estate as our clients do and practice maximizing risks and protecting the value it brings to our client’s enterprises and private wealth.