Foreign entities and individuals face challenges in expanding their business activities or relocate their domicile to Spain. Foreigners who can contribute to the Spanish economy, culture or science, entrepreneurs (start-ups), skilled migrants, foreign investors, can be admitted to Spain.

The setting-up operations or taking-up domicile requires a wide range of basic legal services, including company and subsidiary formation, profound skills in Administrative Law, real estate, tax, employment regulations, governmental compliance as well as regulatory issues. For all these types of relocation of residence or registered sear, including financings and business acquisitions, client’s require an adviser with substantial knowledge of local practices.

Proell Attorneys at Law provides all-in-all-solutions and disposes of a wide range of certified experts in all business areas, including business development, Tax and Auditing. This enables the attorneys of Proell Attorneys at Law to fully serve client’s legal needs. Everything from day-to-day operating issues to complex legal matters can be offered by the firm to applicants.

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